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Prepaid Funeral Plans

Take out a prepaid Funeral Plan to prevent stress at a painful time.

We are here to help…

Funerals are expensive and are a cost that can come out of the blue bringing stress and worry.

One way of controlling this is by taking out a funeral plan. In effect you pay for the funeral at today’s price and we provide the service when it is required in the future.

These are the main advantages of prepaid funeral planning:

  • Prepaid funeral plans cap costs
  • No legacy of debt fear for surviving dependents
  • You have greater control over your estate
  • You can make detailed requests for your funeral
  • Your money is protected
  • Will options available

At JB Shakespeare we offer Golden Charter Plans. For more details please telephone or email. We can provide a brochure or alternatively, we are happy to meet with you and discuss your wishes.