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We provide
Grave Site Care Headstone Cleaning, Lichen Removal, Gravestone Repair, Monument Leveling, Planting of Flowers and Historic Marker Preservation

Service provided for:
Headstones, footstones, tombs, lawn markers, columbaria, mausoleums, statues, memorials, plaques and more

Materials cleaned and repaired:
Brownstone, Slate, Marble, Granite, Bronze, and more

Done on-site:
In Cemeteries, Family Plots, Historic Burying Grounds, and at Other Places of Honor and Memorials

We will provide a photographed and documented repair. Any cleaning or repairs will be done in the correct manner to stop the damage or erosion from continuing and to not cause further harm.

We NEVER power wash or use harsh chemicals on any stones. We will caringly restore your loved ones grave site.


What We Do

We have a long-established reputation for our memorial work and there are many examples of it in the Croydon area.

We will help you find the memorial you require, apply for the permit and then prepare it for installation. This involves what is called a “mark out” where the letters of the inscription are chalked on to the monument so you can see how it will look.

We always ask you to provide the inscription written out and signed.

Quotes, without obligation, are always produced and we will, where required, offer various costed solutions.

Included in our work carried out over the years is the renovation of the John Ruskin Memorial at St John’s in Shirley, many war memorials.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The modern family unit often has members who live in all parts of the country, even abroad, so maintaining a grave is not always straightforward.

We offer annual maintenance – this is a clean and check of the grave and – depending on the memorial – usually costs around £50.

And while granite and marble may seem hardwearing over time it can succumb to the vagaries of the weather.

Headstone beneath trees are more prone to staining than those in the open and over the course of time the earth of the grave moves – this can lead to a need to level the grave.

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